3 New Effective Therapies for Mild to Severe Pain Relief

Click for demo on how X-Celerel and X-Celerel+ - (all natural Aloe Vera and MSM based therepeutic massage creams, often useful for deep tissue and joint therapy, and skin health) work. Click for demo on how TherapEze - (the worlds best hot and cold therapy pads!) 
- offer superb comfort with fast relief for pain, and swelling. Click for demo on how PainAwayPRO - (a revolutionary, Doctor recomended CryoTENS (cold assisted TENS) - clinicaly proven fast acting, long lasting, drug free relief) works.

Testimonial; Unlike the regular ice packs we have used in the past, the TherapEze ice pads mold to the patients body easier, they stay colder longer and our patients can comfortably tolerate the cold directly on their skin. Dr. Jennifer West

Testimonial; Over the past year by using X-Celerel, TherapEze and PainAwayPRO (formerly CryoTENS) for therapy on musculoskeletal pain in our nursing and rehab center we have enabled most patients to effectively participate in their own pain management eliminating need for narcotics. These patients included those suffering pain from back and neck injuries, elbows, post op knees, feet, and even fractures. Scott F., Physical Therapist

Celerity Natural Remedies LLC, doing business on the internet as InnovationsinPainRelief.com, is the developer of the revolutionary products X-Celerel, X-Celerel+, TherapEze and PainAwayPRO (formerly CryoTENS) - a powerful cold assisted TENS therapy device. These products that can be used as often as necessary without the negative effects of analagesic drug therapies. For knee pain, we recommend the PainAwayPRO (formerly CryoTENS) pad, or X-Celerel with TherapEze cold packs which focus their cooling power directly where it hurts, without the discomfort associated with direct ice contact. For back pain relief, the PainAwayPRO (formerly CryoTENS) pad offers you fast acting, comfortable to use, long lasting pain relief.

For natural pain relief and upper back pain, try Celerity Natural Remedies; we are intensely familiar with the misery pain can bring into your life. We want to end the chronic pain as much as you do. The unique and simple self-applied combination of an X-Celerel massage followed by TherapEze treatment can have rapid and lasting pain relief, whether for knee pain or the chronic pain and joint pain relief you need right now. These products are even worth your evaluating as treatments for headaches and as TMJ treatment. Celerity Natural Remedies innovations could be just the answer you've been looking for!

Celerity Natural Remedies offers you state-of-the-art products ingeniously created with the latest Biomedical engineering at the forefront for different kinds of pain relief, including arthritis pain relief, headaches, TMJ treatment as well as joint pain relief and carpal tunnel treatment. Other remedies that use narcotics do not work well in the long run because a tolerance can develop. We offer you treatments unlike typical pain specialist injections, TENS, SCS, analagesics, steroids, etc. Three of our treatments are specifically targeted for back pain relief. Sometimes a drug just doesnít work on the cause or location of pain, and due to a drug tolerance or other factors, adequate relief just isnít achieved. In testing of different types and levels of pain, X-Celerel and TherapEze, when used together and as directed, have achieved noticeable pain relief in 97% of the people who have tried them.

Celerity Natural Remedies as InnovationsinPainRelief.com is truly concerned about your well-being and keeping free from pain, whether you seek herbal pain relief remedies or relief from shoulder bursitis, or back, neck or knee pain, and are tired of your current pain medication no longer being effective. We can also help with foot pain, and weíre sure that once youíve read our testimonials and experience a demonstration of our matchless therapies and products, youíll come to discover there is no other choice for the most effective and long lasting pain relief than Innovations in Pain Relief. Itís your life. Make the right choice today.


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TherapEze Pad / medium oval

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TherapEze / Cheek & TMJ Soother

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TherapEze Pad / small oval

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TherapEze Pad / extra large oval

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